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Starter Pack

Polecam are the recognised designers and originators of a super lightweight, highly portable, low profile and versatile crane system that can be deployed and relocated in less than 10 minutes. Constructed from hi-grade aluminium, the backend section provides the main structure of the rig and accommodates the integral counterbalance system. Declassified military specification Carbon Fibre is used for the crane arm - this technology provides a super low profile, high strength rigid platform for any professional or amateur film maker alike.


Created in response to demand for a simple yet effective modular camera crane for Camcorders such as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Sony NEX FS700, Panasonic AF101, Canon C300&500 and for D-SLR cameras, the Polecam Starter Pack (PSP) and Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) are a great way to enter the exciting world of camera jibs and getting those long sweeping crane shots.


In order to properly accommodate the comparatively bulky Camcorders and D-SLR cameras, Polecam decided to undertake a full re-design of their award winning remote controlled Pan & Tilt head. The new designs had to be able to cope with significantly increased load and have greater flexibility for the larger camera dimensions.


Our engineers came up with an all new electronic head design which offers superb control characteristics, precise damping and inspired flexibility!

There are currently 3 new head designs:

Long Head - this is ideally suited to leading camcorders such as Blackmagic's Cinema Camera, Canon's C300&500, Panasonic's AF101, Sony's Nex FS700; also accommodates Polecam new 3D Mini Mirror Rig (compatible with all leading minicam manufacturer's)

Wide Head - this is ideally suited to leading D-SLR's manufacturer's such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony; also compatible with Blackmagic's Cinema Camera and Polecam's new 3D Mini Mirror Rig (compatible with all leading minicam manufacturer's)

Narrow Head - this is ideally suited to leading minicam manufacturer's such as Iconix, Indiecam, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba; also compatible with Polecam's 3D Dual Head Mount (side by side mini mount)

(The Long, Wide and Narrow heads double as a fixed remote head by simply unscrewing the Polecam drop arm, removing a small plate and attaching it to the top of the wide head you can mount the inverted head on a clamp, stand or similar bracket then hook up the joystick, plug in some power, connect the video and away you go)


The Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+)

Comes with the essential kit you need to form the basis of your rig:

The (PSP+) version is fully operational straight out of the box - all you need to do is add the camera of your choice. Power to the rig is supplied either by the AC/DC PSU or via standard "V-Lock" batteries (not included) which can be locked on the backend of the PSP+ battery plate which is fitted as standard with "V-Lock" mounting brackets and manual power switchover. Additionally the PSP+ is supplied with a Monitor mounting bracket, 4Pin XLR to XLR power cable (for monitor-not included) and a 10m BNC to BNC HD-sdi spec video cable.

The Polecam Starter Pack (PSP)

Has a reduced specification and does not include: Battery mounting plate with manual power switchover, 4Pin XLR to XLR power cable, Monitor mounting bracket or 10m BNC to BNC HD-sdi video cable



Polecam with BlackMagic Cinema Camera

Starter Pack on Tripod

Starter Pack

Additional options are availble for the PSP & the PSP+ enabling users to build their ideal solution, some favourite add-ons include a Monitor, Batteries, Wire Strut System and the Pelicase 1770 transportation option:


When you purchase either of the Polecam Starter Packs they are shipped in high density custom foam within a cardboard shipping carton. The high density foam is designed to drop straight into a Pelicase (model 1770) and the pole foam supports already have high grip self adhesive strips applied that allow you to affix them to the lid of the Pelicase.


Polecam Starter Packs are a great entry point to the world of Polecam and means that you can quickly and easily achieve slick, professional and highly effective crane shots whatever production you need to deliver. You are no longer restricted by technology, just your imagination.


....Just add Carbon!

Optional Extras

Harness spacer Tripod spacer Underwater spacer Poledom