Polecam USA Sales

Full Rig

Cameramen, producers and more importantly audiences love big sweeping shots, boom-ups, glide-ins - nothing delivers production value like a crane. But everyone knows that cranes come at a price - setup time, size, weight, and other limitations; until now. Polecam is the crane unleashed! Imagine a 20' foot crane you can put anywhere (in a boat, a pick-up, a golf cart, or on a harness!), a crane you can set up in under 10 minutes, and then move anywhere you like in seconds. Polecam delivers all the production value of a typical jib - in less space, with less weight and much faster set up time.

Polecam's 'secret' is technology. For 10 years Polecam has been developing and refining the best in the latest technologies to take the jib into the 21st century. Carbon fibre is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum. Micro-motors provide zero-backlash control for smooth and steady moves. Broadcast quality mini-camera systems give you images to rival their full-sized counterparts. All of these combine to make Polecam a cutting-edge production tool for your production needs.

A Polecam system consists of the following units;

• an ultralight support pole made of carbon fiber, that can vary in length from 4´ to 20´ feet in 4´ foot sections. Make it as short or as long as the job requires
• a pan & tilt head that allows for 1000 degrees of horizontal rotation (that´s just about 3 full revolutions) and 280 degrees of vertical rotation − this allows you maximum control over the camera´s POV
• a 7" high-res monitor to watch the shot as you´re making it happen; new monitors come with waveforms to make sure your exposure is dead on
• a joystick controller from which you run the pan&tilt head, all aspects of the controller can be customized; speed/direction/etc
• an interface unit which makes the all the power and control connections easy to assemble
• a harness and tripod mount − whether you choose to wear your rig or to mount it on a tripod for smoother movement is up to you − it goes back and forth in seconds
• finally counterweights and covers

Once you´ve put the system together you add a camera − there are numerous broadcast quality competitively prices options out there − throw on your batteries and you´re ready to go!
Those shooting in the field without a truck may choose to add a recorder − HD/SD − tape/hard drive and flash records are all available and the system works with all industry standard connections.

Ok - let´s say I get a Polecam, what do I do with it?

Now you´re limited only by your imagination − you can now put a 20 foot jib ANYWHERE you can put a camera person. For some ideas and examples of what others have done please have a look at our videos and photos.

The Polecam system is designed to be customized to your individual needs; if you´re filming underwater we´ve got a fully submersible head that can be lowered to 30m (100 feet) for incredible underwater cinematography.

The Polecam is the only jib with an elbow! That´s right, you can add our 125° angle anywhere in its configuration to get your jib ´up and over´ crowds, fences, and other obstacles or hug the ceiling and get fantastic long sweeps of the room!

We´re happy to customize a rig to your specifications; we´ve done 3D stereo heads with 2 mini-cameras for stereo cinematography. We´ve got iris and focus control options − the sky´s the limit; if you can dream it up we can do it.