Polecam USA Sales

StadiumCam sports camera system

The StadiumCam lens is an incredible FishEye with 170° angle of view enabling whole stadium shots from a static position. The design of the lens means we have to specially modify the Toshiba cameras to be able to use it.


Fish eye camera


The StadiumCam has an overall weight of only 234 grammes / 8 ¼ ounces therefore it is very easy to mount securely and unobtrusively. It's a great favourite with Health & Safety people too!

The cameras are controlled by a Polecam Remote Control Panel that can control up to five cameras and is slim enough to only take up ¼ of a rack width which is a real benefit for the guys in the OB van. The cameras use standard data/power cables and standard BNC signal cables with the RCP being able to operate them from as far as 1500 meters away.


Fish eye camera
Fisheye lens



Remote controller


Remote control Panel