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Remote Control Panel

The new Mark IV Polecam universal Remote Control Panel (RCP) provides comprehensive control of up to six camera types using a single balanced audio sine wave data signal.

A remote receiver box (RX unit) complements the RCP Transmitter (TX unit) is operable in excess of 1500m away (at 1200 baud). The data signal can be integrated with many professional RF audiolink systems. The RX Box provides both a 12v DC supply and control data to the camera.

The RCP is ideal for both multi-camera studio and OB work.

A POLECAM rig could be left without an operator and the positional pan and tilt unit be remotely controlled by the RCP in an OB vehicle. e.g. Behind the goal in football

The new Polecam Universal RCP MK IV remote control panel allows comprehensive and intuitive control of up to six different camera types from a single unit. The control format used is a highly robust audio sine-wave data signal which can run at 1,200, 2,400 or 4,800 baud. This allows the RCP to be linked via balanced audio cable to the RX Box receiver which can be located up to and beyond 1,500 metres away, depending on baud rate and cable quality. The RX Box provides both 12 V DC and control data to the camera. It incorporates a camera channel select switch, all other functions including baud rate selection and camera type being automatic. Other facilities provided by the RX Box include dual tally drive outputs and remote activation of devices such as lens blowers and windscreen wipers.


The Universal RCP MK IV is compatible with ultra-compact HD cameras from manufacturers such as Camera Corps, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba. Pan, tilt and iris motor drive outputs are also provided. Parameters such as colour balance, master pedestal, gain and detail can be remotely adjusted provided these features are supported within the camera itself. A single pan, tilt and iris drive connector (six-pin LEMO) is provided for integration with a Polecam system and can also be configured to complement various OEM pan/tilt heads and lenses.


Each camera-selection push button on the RCP, when activated, displays the most recently selected menu for its camera. Frequently-used menus for a particular camera type are thus instantly available. Other controls include dedicated white-balance and black-balance buttons, colour-bars selector, black level controls for the red and blue channels plus master black level and iris/exposure. Data output parameters can be adjusted via DIP switches and a data level control.


"For the Polecam user, the Universal RCP MKIV is essential to multi-camera studio and OB work. It can be mounted alongside the existing camera RCPs, enabling colour matching and other adjustments by the engineers. It can also be used to allow pan and tilt of a pre-positioned Polecam rig, behind a football goal for example, to be remotely controlled from an OB vehicle. The panel is very easy to operate, extremely versatile and highly compact: just 110 mm long, 105 mm wide and 60 mm deep. For the multi-camera user, it provides economical control of multiple different cameras from a single panel."



• Control of up to six cameras
• Different camera types accommodated
• Compatible with major manufacturers' cameras; e.g. Camera Corps, Hitachi, Indiecam, JVC, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, etc.
• Allows remote operation of Polecam recommended Toshiba and Indiecam cameras
• Remote receiver box (RX) complements the Polecam RCP
• Colour balance, master pedestal, gain, detail and other engineering parameters can be remotely adjusted
• High signal robustness >1500 metres
• Iris control
• Option of joystick remote control for POLECAM pan & tilt head available
• Rack mountable
• Red and green operator tally lights
• Integrates easily into any OB or multicamera set-up

RCP MK IV kit (Polecam RC100)
1 x RC130 TX unit - RCP MK IV Transmitter console (TX unit)
1 x RC150 RX unit - RCP MK IV Receiver unit (RX unit) – note 1 RX required for each camera
1 x RC045 - Split Red/Green Tally input lead
1 x RC024 - Split Data/Power lead for TX unit
1 x RC023 - Power supply unit
1 x RC026 – 12 Volt DC input lead
1 x RCP MK IV user manual
Supplied in high density foam and fitted into an SKB transit case


Polecam RCP

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