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Wire Strut System

A brilliant and cost effective upgrade for all Polecam rigs, particularly effective with older Polecam carbon fibre poles. The Polecam Wires Strut System (WSS) delivers additional rigidity and reduces vibration during rapid movement, vehicle deployment and even outside in challenging weather conditions. The WSS can be used on a single pole rig, through to a full 7th Heaven setup at 8m (26'). Great for music and similar events where rapid crane movement is used.


The Polecam WSS has been developed using two Polecam Owner Operators to field test and recommend changes; the resulting finished product is simplicity itself!


The system has two main wires that are fully adjustable to your chosen length up to the maximum Polecam 7 sections (7th Heaven) which is 8m (26'). The main wires are attached with a simple loop wire at the head end, then they connect to the struts (a connecting wire links the struts to each other) which are fixed to a clamp positioned near the monitor on the Polecam rig and finally they are routed to the rear section where another loop wire connects the system. Fine tuning of the wire tension is done with the special adjusters fitted to the wires. No tools are required.


Fitting the Polecam WSS takes less than 5 minutes and is easily adjusted when you want to relocate or change your reach.


The system is supplied in a handy Cordura bag designed to keep everything neat and tidy as well as be tough enough to last.


In use the Polecam Wire Strut System instils great confidence as it makes the Polecam rig really stiff and so easy to use because flex, bounce and snake is eliminated. Now the impressive 8m (26') Polecam 7th Heaven is accessible to everyone.


All this for the price of a single piece of Polecam carbon Fibre!


Don't take our word for it though, please check out the reviews section below.


Wire Strut System

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First Impressions with the Polecam Wire Strut System
By Polecam Owner Operator Luis Córdova from Spain

The new Polecam Wire Strut System (WSS) surprised us with its small footprint. Following Polecam's policy of extreme simplicity it takes up very little space in the transport and installs quickly. The first time you install it takes you two minutes (from the second time it take less...) It is very easy to place and not uncomfortable to use.

The WSS makes the Polecam extraordinarily stiff and eliminates the feeling of working with a resilient arm whereby you have to wait for it to stabilize in order to begin movement. Now with the Wire Strut you have a rigid system, which responds instantly to relocation and rapid movements.

When using the Polecam Wide Head the Wire Strut System provides a sense of lightness. It seemed as if the camera head weighed less. The WSS allows you to put more Poles without excessive bending under the weight and completely eliminates the feeling of "snake" when you make a quick movement.

When you use the Wire Strut with a standard head literally you get more accurate movement and repositioning much faster and smoother.

Definitely the perfect complement to Polecam across a "hot head (crane)", but with a much faster installation.