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Covers and Cases

Transit Cases - Protect your Polecam

The best way to protect your Polecam.

Fly around the world with peace of mind that your kit is fully protected.

1 Million Mile Warranty. You break it - it's repaired/replaced free of charge.

Polecam cases


• Made from ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin.
• Resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus and impact damage.
• Continuous moulded-in hinge with stainless steel pin.
• Trigger release latch system.
• Comfortable snap down rubber over moulded handle.
• Cases stack securely and accommodate padlocks.

Poledom - Rig Camouflage

Polecam are pleased to announce the launch of the Poledom. Available in six different colours which give producers control over the jib's visibility. Most camera operators prefer the low visibility of a black Polecam rig. Like many Polecam innovations, this is in response to feedback from existing and potential users. We were recently asked by a producer from a US church television channel if we could supply a white version. The most cost-efficient way to do that is with a pull-on-sleeve which gives operators the freedom to revert to the black unsheathed style when the rig is required to blend in with a relatively low-light environment. A total of six versions are available: Arctic White, Desert Camouflage, High-Vis Orange, Jungle Camouflage, Urban Camouflage and Chroma Key Blue. High-Vis Orange was an afterthought but has obvious health and safety advantages - for example when operating in a hard-hat location or an airfield.

From time to time we get requests from operators for coloured Polecams. For example a white Polecam for use in an American Church. As carbon fibre is difficult to paint we are pleased to offer POLEDOMS.

Available in six colours to suit your location.

Possible uses include camouflage for wildlife shoots, news gathering, OB, etc. Also hi-vis for Polecam visibility or special colours for client special requests.


• Available in six colours Jungle, Urban, White, Desert, Hi-Vis Orange & Chroma Key Blue
• Other colours available on request
• 5.5 metres long
• Made from nylon rip-stop
• Storage dimensions 100 x 70 x 50mm
• Slides on easily and quickly
• Velcro fastener at each end
• Lightweight
The safe way to fly your Polecam


Manufactured from high-strength rip-stop nylon, Poledoms are designed for use both on the standard five section Polecam, with a 6 metre reach, and the new seven-element "Seventh Heaven" Polecam which has an unprecedented 8 metre reach. As all of the cables are routed inside the carbon fibre poles Poledoms can be fitted and removed quickly. However the full dynamic versatility of the unsleeved Polecam is retained, unlike any other crane on the market today.


polecam camoufage


polecam camoufage


polecam camoufage